Arunkumar Sampathkumar
I am a passionate Software Engineer currently focusing my efforts on the Android platform. This is my personal blog and portfolio.

Views expressed here are my own.

Android Projects

Lynket Browser

A mobile-first browser using the custom tabs protocol. Change rendering engines, better multi-tasking, floating bubbles, and article mode. Featured among best browsers on Android. Free and open source. Media 1, Media 2.


One of the first apps to bring universal icon pack search to Android. Designed to be performant and easy to use.

T9 App Launcher

A fast way to launch app using T9 sequence. Increased focus on performance and design compared to similar apps on the store.


A simple battery effecient automation app built using Google Awareness API. Allows you to execute actions when complex conditions are met. Eg. Open Music app when Running or Walking.

Cement Quiz

App I built as a retirement gift for my dad as he completed his 36 years of work in the industry. Also happens to be the first dedicated cement quiz app on the store.

Chameleon Wallpaper

A live wallpaper that adapts its color to your surroundings by using your phone Camera. Open sourced for Android Experiment submission.


Color adapting widgets that adapts to wallpaper, album art or Muzei artwork.

Profile theme for KLWP

A dynamic adaptable homescreen theme I built using KLWP. Features dynamic images based on time of day, some nice animations and useful information throughout.

Open Source

IntelliJ/Gradle plugin to visualize to Dagger 2 dependency graphs
Collection of Kotlin APIs to make working with Realm mobile database easier.
Declarative Kotlin DSL for choreographing Android transitions.
RxJava library to fetch suggestions for keywords using Google Suggest API.
Bubbly (In Progress)
Physics based floating bubbles library for Android. Inspired from Lynket's web heads feature.
Java implementation of Trie data structure. Initially built for fast searching in T9 App Launcher.

Public Speaking

Grab’s migration journey from Gradle to Bazel via Automation

June 21, Build Meetup'21

Grazel - A Gradle plugin to automate Bazel migration for Android projects

Nov 2020, BazelCon'20

Modularization Strategy for Better Gradle build times

July 2020, GDG MAD Meetup

Relevance of LiveData in an Rx World

Feb 2019, BlrDroid Meetup


FPGA implementation of CCSDS BCH (63, 56) for Satellite Communication