Arunkumar Sampathkumar
I am a passionate Software Engineer currently focusing my efforts on the Android platform. This is my personal blog and portfolio.

Views expressed here are mine.

Seamless Android app launch animations using Intent Source Bounds

Explores various ways Intent's SourceBounds field can be used to peform seamless transition from homescreen icon to your app content.

Dagger Recipes: Illustrative step by step guide to achieve constructor injection in WorkManager

Step by step walkthrough of dagger concepts like exposing bindings, dagger errors, multibindings and subcomponents to achieve constructor injection in WorkManager instances.

Transition X — Declarative Kotlin DSL for choreographing Android Transitions

An Android library for simplifying transitions with a custom Kotlin DSL.

Introducing Lynket (previously Chromer)— A better way to browse on Android

Introduction post about Lynket's major update and feature walkthrough.